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products in shooting, self defence and outdoor categories is also the largest ASG (air soft gun) shop with replicas of famous weapons, shooting plastic balls. In recent years ASG has gained on popularity especially among military enthusiasts who play and fight in teams out in the field. ASG competitions occur in different shapes nad sizes, from small "shootings", through multiplayer mil-sims to big and bulky events, which are organizes to resemble real battles and military operations. Source:

Together with a team of we have prepared a concept of 360 video series for VR goggles, which show the exciting vibe of the ASG operations. A key element of the story is the kidnapping of Isaac - a popular YouTuber - and his release conducted by anti-terrorists. The expected effect is popularization of ASG and products exposure among Counter Strike players.


We have put much effort in creating the screenplay and detailed description of the scenes as a good foundation for shooting engaging video footage. The action takes place in Izak's headquarters in Warsaw (kidnapping, interview) as well as in the woods and abandoned buildings near Legnica (Izak's release).


VR as a medium offers immersive experiences. We wanted the viewer to have the impression of being in the middle of a military operation. For this purpose, we used measures by which we watch the action in the first person as embarrassed hostage, a soldier in a moving car or a passenger on a speeding motorcycle. There are also 360 scenes filmed with drones hovering above the abandoned military installations.

360° videos were first displayed on tradeshow stand during YouTubers' MeetUp at the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw. We delivered Gear VR goggles plus cardboard goggles as a gift for participants.  After initial success, will be using our VR content at many upcoming tradeshows and other events. It occurs, cardboard goggles spread like hot cakes.

Gear VR goggles

Especially for events we rented 2 sets of goggles Samsung Gear VR and compatible Samsung smartphones. This model provides the best possible experience for 360 movies as of today.


Plastic goggles

We also delivered 10 sets of high quality plastic goggles. This type of goggles embodies good value for money, so it is the perfect choice when you need more than a few pieces and the expectations regarding the standard of use are high.

Cardboard goggles

We have designed and printed 600 cardboard goggles. These low-cost goggles are best suited as a gift handed out at events or sent by mail. They include lens which provide similar viewing experience to plastic goggles.




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