360 Video Production Process

1. Storyboard

  • visual and text-based storyboard of milestone keyframes
  • rundown of needed equipment and it’s placement in keyframes
  • client’s feedback / agreement

2. Shooting day

  • Synchronization of simultaneously video recording
  • Work with the client / actors - scenes recording
  • White balance / EQ correction
  • Organizing and downloading video fragments out of every camera

3. Stitching

  • Creating panorama templates for every movie scene
  • Optimizing and correction of mutual points between specific panorama movie parts
  • Setting the horizon and default POV point
  • Nadir i Zenith correction- highest and lowest panorama’s stitching point

4. Post-production

  • Video stabilization
  • Choosing audio track
  • Montage of scenes into one movie
  • Color balance correction
  • Graphic elements edition - subtitles, notes etc.
  • Video branding - logo edition into 360 panorama movie

5. Promotion

  • Preparation to upload for Facebook and YouTube (metadata injection)
  • Preparation for GearVR integration (upload + thumbnails)
  • Design and production of interactive custom expo stands (branding + VR headsets)
  • Development of custom iOS and Android application