November 7, 2016 - No Comments! 360 video case study at EastBiz – Białystok

"EastBiz" Eastern eBusiness Forum is the first and largest conference in the region of Podlasie, during which professionals take part to exchange experiences, analysis and conclusions about doing business online. These are not only the most interesting case studies and new knowledge, it is also the possibility of networking and establishing new business contacts. Read more about EastBiz here.

On 14-15 october 2016 Mateusz Tokarski (Virtuality360) and Marek Prudel ( combined their efforts to speak about ecommerce results of 360 video marketing campaign for We discussed underlying concept of the film production, ideas for reaching the target audience, promotion channels used, impact on online store traffic and conversions. Full case study here.

Many thanks to Marek Prudel for co-hosting the speech and to Piotr Kiełcz of EastBiz for an invitation. We are grateful for the legendary eastern reception and hospitality. East-Biz takes special place in out hearts. Piotr, keep up the good work and see you soon!








September 28, 2016 - No Comments!

Virtual Reality at the New Online Marketing Congress 2016

On the 28th of September we were at Multikino at the New Online Marketing Congress giving high fives and showing our latest virtual reality productions. It was really fun to watch all these new people being introduced to VR. As always reactions were very positive. We had a large stand where we prepared cool 360 videos to watch. We also handed out some coffee from one of our clients MK Cafe. Visitors could even see the drones used in productions like #odbijamyizaka made with love for

Online Marketing Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is hot!

Many new trends in marketing and sales were mentioned during expert talks delivered by renowned speakers such as Łukasz Jakóbiak, Natalia Hatalska and Barbara Stawarz. Virtual reality was one of the hottest buzzwords that appeared in the conference rooms. The virtual reality market is growing very rapidly and some predictions forecast that it will outgrow the TV market in 10 years. Experts also note that the AR - Augmented Reality market will be even larger. We agree. Not only hardware sales are going to skyrocket, but the largest growth is expected to appear in the software market.

Virtual Reality Heaven

Get to know VR

It doesn't matter if you haven't heard about HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. Next time we're in town come and visit our stand and we'll give you a solid intro to virtual reality. If you're lucky you can even win VR goggles or Google cardboards to take home. You're friends will surely be delighted. If you're keen on design then you should check out the cardboard goggles we crafted for They're quite a treat.

Virtual Reality - Oculus Gear VR

If you run a buisness - ecommerce or offline - now is the time to start thinking about embracing virtual reality for marketing, sales, process optimization and employee coaching. Don't get left behind.

The future is now!

February 26, 2016 - No Comments!

What’s new in VR this month?

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Why Facebook’s $2 Billion Bet on Oculus Rift Might One Day Connect Everyone on Earth

Mark Zuckerberg made a $2 billion bet on a virtual-reality headset called the Oculus Rift, brainchild of 22-year-old Palmer Luckey, who sold his Kickstarter-funded breakthrough to Facebook this spring. With the Rift about to hit the market, and the competition heating up, Max Chafkin reports on what lies ahead.

For the first time ever, experience SI Swimsuit 2016 through virtual reality!

Ever wondered what it's like to be on location with your favorite SI Swimsuit models? More...

Do you dare step inside the virtual reality THEME PARK? The Void merges VR technology with real objects to create the world's first 'holodeck'

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