We are a creative agency and production studio specializing in 360 video, VR apps, VR events and online marketing solutions.

The Mission

To shorten the distance between user and computer is our main objective. We see traditional controllers as useful tools but at the same time obstacles which weaken user experience. We work with gear and techniques that push boundaries in terms of how immersive user-computer interaction can be.

360 Action Video

With your Gear VR now you can jump right in the middle of the action. Be it extreme sports, team games broadcasts, remote holiday locations reviews or real estate presentation movies. We record highest quality footage to squeeze the best possible experience out of your available VR equipment.

Virtual Worlds

Real cutting-edge interactions begin where we introduce you to virtual reality and software generating artificial worlds right before your eyes. It is the next level of user engagement giving your brand stronger impact on the audience. From games to visualisation applications and from content to commerce.

Meet the Team

Jakub Korczyński


Mateusz Tokarski

Head of Design

Kajetan Maćkowiak

Head of Business Development

In the Press

Article in NewsLine.pl "Virtual Reality Within Militaria.pl Marketing Campaign" (in polish)

Article in Evigo.pl "Militaria.pl Bets On Virtual Reality In It's Marketing Campaign" (in polish)

Article in Evigo.pl "MK Cafe Steps Into Virtual Reality" (in polish)

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